Thoughts on “Maids” through Ep. 6 (with spoilers)

Sometimes I wonder…what in the heck am I doing watching this show.

I wanted to try again for a historical drama.  I have a bad track record of starting, then getting bogged down in the political machinations, can’t remember who is who, or who is backstabbing who, and then I drop it.  This time, I thought, well–it’s from JTBC.  After Secret Love Affair, I give any drama by this group an extra chance.  Honest, I watched Yoo-Na’s street, lots of people raved about it, but it was so slow-paced, I kept falling asleep.  I try to watch at least 2 episodes before giving a drama the boot (Exceptions:  Greatest Marriage, which 25 minutes in,  I thought I would lose my lunch, and My Heart Twinkle twinkle–50 wasted minutes of my life) I got to 11 episodes on Yoona’s Street before I hit the dead end… So far, I’ve lasted 6 episodes of Maids.  That’s a record for me and historical dramas.

So let me get this straight.  I’m supposed to cheer for Moo Myung, even though he followed orders and killed the pregnant maid.  Is that for real?  Shamrockmom detests violence against women, and especially violence against pregnant women and their unborn babies.  The beatings and near-torture of the servants/maids is so difficult to watch. I find myself psyching myself up to watch each episode so I can get through it. That’s a bad sign.  I did that with Misaeng too….I finally dropped it after episode 14.  I couldn’t watch something so depressing, even though I loved it. Jung Yu Mi is just superb in this role.  The actor who is playing Moo Myung…well, I hope the writer and PD nim let him show some emotion sometime soon.

(I will tell you right now that if you read my rantings long enough, you will find me to be a strong and unapologetic pro life supporter.  You have been warned. Too many people Shamrockmom knows have had their lives destroyed after having an abortion, and I am talking about males as well as females.)

Eun Ki……I hope he grows up quick.  I am very much on the fence with him.  I hate that he won’t stand up to his rotten no good father, and he just doesn’t seem to figure out how evil people really are.  I feel for him in that he wants to be a good son, but since his dad is so bad, the cost is extreme.  As I well know, trying to please your parents can be a thankless task. By marrying YO, he has sentenced himself to a lifetime of pain and heartache. I hope to see that he deserves better.  I really want the drama to show him changing, even if it is too late to get In Yub back.

Now to the good stuff….I want a friend like Sa Wol, IY’s (former) servant.  She dishes out the truth, doesn’t back down, protective, loyal…she’s the best. The pre-wedding night ‘talk’ was flat out hilarious…loved how the mom was trying out the crane poses in the hallway, LOL.  I’m behind in this drama–will try and catch up this week, but the music theory class and homework has seriously cut into my Kdrama viewing time and FF writing time.  I did manage this week to get a “Fan Letter” out to Ki Chul–it’s on the Soompi board, Pg. 49 if you are interested….


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