Thoughts on “Spy” (thru Ep. 10 + spoilers)

Loving this so far…awesome story. The Mom and Dad are so protective of each other and their family. The Kudos to whoever found that “Keys to her Heart” song by Rebby and got it into the show. Sometimes the BGM is a little over the top, but I will forgive.

Ki Chul–what an interesting character.  I’m pretty darn sure now he had a Thing for Hye Rim.  His comment about “it’s just as likely to be mine” when she shows him the ultrasound picture at the beginning of  Ep. 9 just confirms it, as does the moment he pulls out the torn pic of her from his wallet and looks so poignantly at it.  I’m gonna guess he will eventually sacrifice himself for Hye Rim and her family.  The lighting and the interesting shots..I gotta give a bouquet of shamrocks to everyone involved.  Reminds me of Secret Love Affair…   🙂

Actually, I forgive a lot of things about this drama..seriously, both NK and SK spies are all lame. The opening scene in Ep. 10 where Seon Woo throws Ki Chul the handcuffs…dude, you expected him to just put those on??  And then you fired the gun and missed…at close range?  There was no way you were going to shoot this guy, when you want info from him, especially about your Mom….Acckkk! But at least you went to the shooting range, so the shallow part of Shamrockmom could see this…OMG those back muscles…


The girlfriend who is also a NK spy has been the subject of a lot of grumpiness on various forums…she’s unnecessary, there’s no chemistry..but then at the end of Ep. 10, she makes a bold and gutsy move to protect SW’s little sister from being kidnapped by the baddies. I suddenly love her.


One thought on “Thoughts on “Spy” (thru Ep. 10 + spoilers)

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