1st night at Music Theory Class

Yunno, it’s strange. I never had any desire to travel.  Then I started writing the SLA FF…now I want to see these places I’ve written about.  I envy my son, and his upcoming work trip to Italy. If I went, I could drive up to Bolzano, it’s not too far…

I write and think for weeks about Seon Jae taking a theory class in my FF..and one day I wake up and decide, Hey! Why don’t I take a class?  Lo and behold, there’s one on Wednesday night at the local college.  I can do this, no problem with getting there after work.  I buy my parking permit and textbook a month ahead of time, lol.

After weeks of waiting, tonight is the first night of class. Just a few things have changed! Like the fact that as the classroom fills up, I can detect the odor of both alcohol and cannabis. Interesting…The campus looks remarkably the same since I last set foot here in, uhhh, 1984. Yep, that long ago. I found the classroom without any problem, and as I look at my classmates…I’m probably older than their parents. I’m even older than the teacher. Sheesh. My Songsaenim (yes, that’s correct)  seems to be of the no-nonsense variety, although she seems overworked/stressed driving from local college to local college teaching a class here and there. Glad I took this class after starting Piano lessons. Good move Shamrockmom! I have to go to one symphony orchestra concert and one smaller chamber music event, and make a written report. OK, can do. Already have tickets in hand for Martha Argerich at the LA Phil in 10 days…I’m nervous, but I think I can do this. If I can’t keep up with these young folk, I’m in big trouble.


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